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Level 3; Threadfollower Kits by Cynthia Treen Studio

Level 3; Threadfollower Kits by Cynthia Treen Studio

$36.00 Regular Price
$28.80Sale Price

Threadfollower kits enable you to create whimsical rayon felt & wool animals; each kit  has everything you will need (except scissors) included in one delightfully packaged box.  Some of the newer kits require Sharpie pens, Alene's Tacky Glue and hairspray.  Level 1 & 2 kits are fun projects that can be completed in an evening or an afternoon.  Level 3 kits are a bit more advanced and typically can be completed in in a week.

These kits are the perfect project for beginner sewists and experienced sewists alike!  Threadfollower Animal kits will bring smiles to little ones' faces &b are a wonderful project to create with your favorite little person!  a perfect gift for al ages!

  • Try A Kit

    When you don't know what to make from a collection of fabric, try a kit!

    The pattern and enough fabric to make the top are included (unless otherwise noted in the description).

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