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Splash Fabric - Snowflake, cotton vinyl, one yard cut

Splash Fabric - Snowflake, cotton vinyl, one yard cut

$25.95 Regular Price
$22.06Sale Price

Sold in 1 yard cuts.  A gorgeous holiday print perfect for all your winter needs. These intricate snowflakes would add a lovely touch to your winter gathering table scape. Or turn this fabric into a bag that will make your friends jealous at countless festivities this season. Winter is coming, but you'll be ready with Snowflake at your side. 

Splash Fabric is coated with a water-based urethane. This protective layer is rolled out in the factory and heat-set to the cotton. The result is a creamy, durable, soft, and all-around fantastic-feeling fabric. The coating will eventually biodegrade, but that won't happen until you are long done using it. Highest standard for food-safety and eco-friendliness, this is truly feel good fabric. Not Your Grandma's Oilcloth!

  • Size: 58” wide by 36 inches
  • Manufacturer: Splash Fabrics
  • Collection: Snowflake
  • Recommended Thread: 40 wt polyester thread
  • Ironing: Use the cotton setting on back
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